Talk of the Town: Tracy’s Nursery and Gardens

When you move to Tracy Hills, you get so much more, and that includes the local scene. With our Talk of the Town Series, we’re bringing you the hot spots that have residents buzzing—the not-so-hidden gems around every corner. And we’re starting with Tracy’s Nursery and Gardens.

Tracy Amador, owner of Tracy’s Nursery and Gardens, is in the business of making the world greener and brighter every day. Her landscaping and gardening career began with her work in the nursery department at a local lumber yard, where she discovered that plants were her true passion. When her boss announced he was closing his business and retiring, Tracy knew she wasn’t done playing in the dirt and decided to open her own business. Now after five years owning Tracy’s Nursery and Gardens, she still loves what she does, and her business has quickly become one of the town’s cherished treasures.

From homegrown herbs to blossoming outdoor creations, Tracy and Gloria are here to give you the best planter tips and let you in on some gardening secrets for at-home plant care with an informative video.

Starting with Gloria, a volunteer at Tracy’s Nursery and Gardens, you get to follow along as this herb lover creates a planter box garden of her favorite greenery to cook with—from rosemary to chives. As a fresh herb enthusiast, one of her top tips is to put your most frequently used herb in a decorative pot with proper drainage and keep it on your kitchen counter. It’s easy to maintain and just as convenient as a spice rack to just pull what you need for your next culinary creation.

Next up is Tracy, who’s excited to share one of her favorite plant combinations for the up-and-coming trend of enlivening your home with decorative container planters. With purple-spotted Hardenbergia vines, evergreen Melianthus shrubs and cheerful orange Gerbera flowers, Tracy shows off the perfect way to pot these plants for a full-looking arrangement and shares some tips for year-round care.

Whether you’re a seasoned member of the green thumbs club or an aspiring plant parent, Tracy’s Nursery and Gardens is your go-to place for all your greenery needs with a gorgeous plant selection and knowledgeable volunteers. Bring some vibrance to your Tracy Hills home or teach your kids how to grow their own herbs. It’s a great way to feel at one with nature and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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