Get Inspired With Next Gen® Spaces at Tracy Hills

Lennar’s innovative Next Gen® designs at Sunhaven, Greenwood, Pearl and Topaz at Tracy Hills offer you a space that can satisfy your imagination.

Here are some ideas for turning your Next Gen® suite at Tracy Hills into your own private oasis.

Sing, strum, drum in a music room. Whether you play guitar, bass or drums, a music room is just your style—it provides storage for large instruments and their accessories like music stands and sound equipment. Invite family members to join in, whether that’s for a jam session or sing-along for some fun family bonding time.

Work from home in comfort. Do you have a home business that needs its own space? Looking for some privacy while working from home? Having a home office is crucial to making it all…well, work. Add a desk, comfortable chair, storage solutions and lighting (good, natural light is key here) to make it complete. At the end of that day, close your laptop, shut off the lights and go enjoy the rest of your Tracy Hills home.

young woman doing yoga

Stay in shape with a home gym. If you want to stay healthy, daily fitness is key. Your Next Gen® suite is the perfect space for a workout room. Make your fitness space functional just like a pro gym by adding equipment and accessories like a yoga mat, weights and/or resistance bands. Finally, you can work out in peace and get (or stay) in shape!

Find your inner artist. If you enjoy creating art, whether that’s scrapbooking or painting on canvas, your Next Gen® space gives you the room to dream and create, store your supplies and peacefully work on projects. Add storage solutions like shelves and drawers, a large worktable and good lighting to make your art room truly functional.

Catch all the action with a home theater. Grab your popcorn and TV remote, then relax with the latest Hollywood blockbuster in your home theater. Even better, add a comfortable couch or your favorite chair, a big-screen HDTV and some good speakers to create the whole home theater experience.

Design a comfy guest room. Let’s end with a popular idea: the tried-and-true guest room. If you have friends and family who visit (like grandparents who want to see their grandkids!), your Next Gen® space is perfect. Just add a comfortable bed, fresh linens and some basic amenities like a bedside table and lamp, and your space is ready to go.

With some creativity, planning and your own ideas, you’ll be turning your Next Gen® suite into one that you can enjoy every day.

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