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liz garcia of my best friends closet

Talk of the Town: Liz Garcia of My Best Friend’s Closet

Living at Tracy Hills means discovering the best-kept secrets with our Talk of the Town series that uncovers everything from local treasures to the hottest spots around the neighborhood. Up next is Liz Garcia of My Best Friend’s Closet, a unique women’s clothing boutique.

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Maricel and Jose with family outside their new home at Tracy Hills.

Falling for Tracy Hills

When Maricela found herself sharing a desk with her five-year-old in their cramped rental home in Redwood City, she and her husband Jose knew it was time to make a change.

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woman playing dog in park

Talk of the Town: Nobu Endo of My Puppy Rocks and The Dog Walker

Life at Tracy Hills is full of hidden gems that make our Talk of the Town series shine. Covering everything from local treasures and the hottest spots that have residents discovering gold, up next is Nobu Endu of My Puppy Rocks and The Dog Walker.

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Gaurav family with their new home - Meet the Homeowners

Only the Best for Their New Nest

Gaurav and Sowmya were renting a townhome in San Jose when they realized they wanted more room for their son to grow and play. They had always wanted to own a home, and with their son getting older, their home's lack of dedicated play area just wasn’t working.

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Kim Scarlata of Scarlata Farms Cellar

Talk of the Town: Scarlata Farms Cellar

Life at Tracy Hills comes with so much more than you ever imagined—including an unmatched location with local treasures at every turn. With our Talk of the Town series, we're bringing you the hot spots that have residents buzzing—and up next is Scarlata Farms Cellar.

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Rowena and Sam with their three dogs

Trails, Tails & Tracy Hills

Rowena and Sam were renting for seven years in Tracy when their landlord approached them to ask if they were interested in buying their rental home. Interest rates were hitting an all-time low. The place they were renting was good enough. All they had to say was "Yes!"

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gloria and tracy from Tracy's Nursery and Gardens

Talk of the Town: Tracy’s Nursery and Gardens

With our Talk of the Town Series, we’re bringing you the hot spots that have residents buzzing—the not-so-hidden gems around every corner. And we’re starting with Tracy’s Nursery and Gardens.

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