Talk of the Town: Scarlata Farms Cellar

Life at Tracy Hills comes with so much more than you ever imagined—and that includes an unmatched location with local treasures at every turn. With our Talk of the Town series, we’re bringing you the hot spots that have residents buzzing—and up next is Scarlata Farms Cellar.

Matt Scarlata grew up riding a tractor at nine years old; farming is in his blood. His desire to perfect the food he brings to the table was the spark that ignited the idea of Scarlata Farms Cellar, the business he now owns with his wife, Kim, the brand visionary. Their business began to flourish with their extra virgin olive oil handcrafted with olives harvested from their very own groves. Looking to cultivate their business as perfectly as their crops, the next step was to move into specialty products to bring the best that Tracy has to offer to its residents’ dinner tables.

Kim is here to share her expert tips on plating delicious meats, cheeses and Scarlata Farms Cellar’s specialty products for a palate-pleasing charcuterie display with an informative video.

The first rule of thumb that Kim shares is to start building your charcuterie board with the meats and cheeses since these elements take up the most space. The salamis, prosciutto and Italian meats that Scarlata Farms Cellar carries comes from their own Italian distributor and can’t be found anywhere else in Tracy—and those are what Kim is starting her tasteful creation with.

Next, this charcuterie enthusiast moves on to the rule of three. When it comes to meats and cheeses, you want to have at least three options for your grazers. First adding a hard cheese, San Joaquin Gold by Fiscalini Farmstead sourced from Modesto, Kim shares a pro tip to place a knife next to it for cutting while snacking since this kind of cheese will crumble. She then goes on to include a semi-soft and soft cheese option for a variety of textures and flavors.

Once the stars of the show have been placed, next is to move on to the sides and fill-in-the-blank elements like dried fruits and nuts. Kim recommends offering savory alternatives to crackers like pickled vegetables and olives, all of which she sells at her shop. She goes on to add a champagne and garlic mustard and BW Bees, Inc. honey handcrafted by a Tracy police officer and his wife. No matter the items you’re using, the secret is to put what pairs well together to eliminate guessing around the board.

Whether you’re a charcuterie connoisseur or a beginning board builder, Scarlata Farms Cellar is your go-to place with all the meats, cheeses and specialty products you need and a shop owner excited to share her knowledge about the perfect pairings.

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