Talk of the Town: Liz Garcia of My Best Friend’s Closet

Living at Tracy Hills means discovering the best-kept secrets with our Talk of the Town series that uncovers everything from local treasures to the hottest spots around the neighborhood. Up next is Liz Garcia of My Best Friend’s Closet, a unique women’s clothing boutique that offers new clothing along with gently used designer luxury items at great prices.

With fifty percent of Liz’s inventory as new retail and the other fifty percent as consignment, My Best Friend’s Closet was inspired by her group of best friends who were always borrowing each other’s clothes. And in the shop’s early days, Liz sold pieces exclusively from her best friends’ closets because it was the most creative way to obtain inventory.

These days, consigned clothing comes from a regular stream of customers who stop in to offer up their gently used, on-trend clothes with top brands for consideration. But shoppers can also expect excellent one-on-one service that makes shopping feel like an intimate day out with their girlfriends.

Liz believes there’s no reason to sacrifice quality if you can find it at a great price, and that staple piece you’ve been eyeing is closer than you think. But it starts with organizing and taking inventory of what is in your closet, another service that Liz offers, to help you turn your gently used clothes into consignment, then cash in your pocket.

“I come in and help you organize, but I will also take the gently loved and used items you no longer want, and I will take them to my store, and we consign them. Then we pay you out for the items that you are no longer using,” Liz explains. “We call it ‘money in your closet’!”

From your closet to her closet, like real BFFs.

Check out the video for more insider tips. A big thanks to Liz of My Best Friend’s Closet for stopping by to help us get organized.

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