Homeowner Spotlight | It’s a Family Affair

When Abbott and his wife, Emily, were searching for a new home, they knew they wanted to be as close as possible to their greatest joy—their family. That’s when Abbott and Emily, together with their daughter and son-in-law, decided to look for homes with the goal of being close to one another. And so it began, over a year of searching alongside their daughter’s family for places that could meet their needs.

That’s when they found Tracy Hills. When they arrived and toured the neighborhood Vente by Shea Homes, ground had yet to be broken, but Abbott knew Shea Homes was the right builder right away. He also had the great instincts to see what Tracy Hills would become.

“From my career in high tech in Silicon Valley, I’m used to the benefits of being a discerning early adopter,” Abbott said. “Back in 2019, people with no vision just saw a bunch of houses out in a field.” But Abbott could see what the future held. “We could see, even when there was only dirt, that this was going to be exactly what Tracy Hills has become…the go-to location in West Tracy, right next to I-580.”

Without question, Abbott and Emily found where they wanted to buy. His daughter and son-in-law were also thrilled and purchased lots on opening day too. And when the couples chose a plan that turned out to be right next door to each other—it couldn’t have been more perfect for their family.

“We knew we wanted to live close to our daughter and son-in-law but were thinking it’d be in the same city, not the same community and literally next door to each other! Now we share a pool—at their house—and are only separated by a buddy gate in the backyard,” says Abbott.

Abbott and Emily purchased Plan 2, as the preferred sun path would highlight the landscaped backyard, and their daughter and son-in-law purchased Plan 3, which came with a multigenerational suite.

“We were looking for a generation room for our kids, and they have one in their home. I’ll be 76 soon, and even though I’m in good shape, I wanted to think of the future. So with the gen suite, my wife and I could move in with them, if needed.”

But for now, they’re both focused on enjoying their home. With Plan 2’s generous 3,311-square-foot floor plan boasting four bedrooms and a three-car garage, they’ve gotten so much more than they could have hoped for.

“At my age, you would normally be buying to downsize, but we did the opposite. We bought a bigger home but at less cost than what we got from the sale of our last house.”

And the community feel they wanted? It found them.

“We love our neighborhod and community. It’s more than just buying a house—it’s a lifestyle. We’re all new here, so we’ve all met each other. No matter where we go, people of all ages are enjoying the neighborhood—from young parents to retired grandparents, like ourselves.”

Now, Abbott and Emily are enjoying their grandkids, ages 3, 5 and 12. They often walk to visit the parks, which the grandkids have adorably nicknamed.

“‘Farm Park’ has animals, ‘Jingle Bell Park’ has things you can ring, ‘Forest Park’ has raccoons in the trees and ‘Ball Park’ is where the bigger kids go to play sports,” explains Abbott.

And as for those grandkids—they’ve made friends with the neighbors and enjoy the perks of living right next door to their grandparents too, making memories that will last a lifetime.